Social-media Hiatus

He looks fine. From my bullet journal, using a fountain pen and colored pencils.

So, I’m officially on a social-media hiatus — perfect time to decide to jump back into writing in my blog, right? Anyway, the hiatus is aimed mostly at Facebook and Instagram, two sides of the same very-shitty coin that I really REALLY should abandon altogether yet somehow can’t. There are actually some very nice people in the FB groups I frequent, which makes it slightly easier to look myself in the mirror; the flip-side being it just makes it that much harder to leave. Whatever. The plan is to come back in from the desert around the first week of December and test the waters again; we’ll see how things go after that. In the meantime, I’ll be updating this site with pictures, words, maybe spruce up the joint a little. Enjoy your day, my friends…

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