Social-media Hiatus

He looks fine. From my bullet journal, using a fountain pen and colored pencils.

So, I’m officially on a social-media hiatus — perfect time to decide to jump back into writing in my blog, right? Anyway, the hiatus is aimed mostly at Facebook and Instagram, two sides of the same very-shitty coin that I really REALLY should abandon altogether yet somehow can’t. There are actually some very nice people in the FB groups I frequent, which makes it slightly easier to look myself in the mirror; the flip-side being it just makes it that much harder to leave. Whatever. The plan is to come back in from the desert around the first week of December and test the waters again; we’ll see how things go after that. In the meantime, I’ll be updating this site with pictures, words, maybe spruce up the joint a little. Enjoy your day, my friends…


Hi! My name is Dan, and this is Roadkill Puppy.

I know most humans on this planet don’t have anything to do with blogs anymore; the fact that you’re here means you made a conscious effort to stop by, and I appreciate that greatly. I must apologize for the current lack of content — I’ve had Blogger and WordPress blogs off and on for the past 10-15 years, but this is my first foray since 2016, so there’s going to be more than a little rust, a few gaps in coverage. The missing content resides mostly on my social media sites these days — that’s where the other humans hang out, interact with one another. I plan to continue on with that trend, and save the long-winded navel-gazing for this site.

Where are those social media sites? Well… I’m glad you asked! You most likely came from one of them to reach this place:

I’m social-media agnostic; I don’t have a favorite or one I despise like no other. I figure you have your favorite and hopefully Roadkill Puppy is there providing the love. If it’s not, holler at me and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate.

What is Roadkill Puppy? It’s my little creative slice of heaven, a place where my easily-amused brain can conjure up the silly, the strange, the what-are-you-smokings. By day, I write code for a telephone billing vendor; by night, I draw comics & doodles, experiment with computer graphics, and produce short, animated films. A labor of love and/or insanity, this is — I do NOT do this for a living! It’s my sincere desire to keep producing my weird little comics and films until I’m a skeleton in a pine box somewhere, or until paper and ink vanish from the face of the earth, or we diddle around too long and global warming bakes us all like a huge pan of gooey cinnamon rolls (mmmm, cinnamon rolls…). Since I’ll be doing this anyway, you might as well hang out and see what I’m up to, occasionally put a couple of fingers on my carotid artery to make sure I’ve got circulation still. Who knows, I figure at some point I’ll make that thing, that one crazy comic or film, that cracks you up and makes your whole day. That’s gotta be worth a couple of minutes of your time, y’think?

Like I said, content is scattered about the four winds right now, and fresh stuff is currently in the works. I plan on reintroducing some of my favorite creations from the glorious past and posting them here, but I’m much more interested in what’s next, what’s new. I do need to spend just a wee bit of time prettying the joint up — some snappy graphics, the obligatory ‘about’ page, blah blah blah. To keep the trolls and spammers at bay I won’t be opening up the comments on the site and instead request you visit one of the aforementioned social media sites. Also, I’m all for making it easy to get Roadkill Puppy goodness in your hot, little hands; I’ve worked with Feedburner in the past to have comics and films emailed directly to you, and I’ll work on restoring that in the near future (it helps to have things to post first — baby steps, man, baby steps).

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I post, I’ll actually have something and fresh to share — hope to see you back soon!